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  • Dual Lane / Dual Temperature SMT Reflow

Dual Lane / Dual Temperature SMT Reflow

Dual Chamber Module - Dual Chambers + Dual Blowers + Dual Heaters + Dual T/Cs

Bifurcated (Dual) Feature

  • Dual Chamber Module
  • Dual Lane
  • Dual EHC & Thin Sled CBS
  • Dual Conveyor Speed
  • Dual 300mm Extension for exit
  • Dual Computers & Monitors
  • Dual Controllers
  • Dual Inverter Fan Speed Control

44" & 52" Bifurcated (Dual) Chamber Module Structure and Air Flow Module

Dual Chamber Thermal Profile Bifurcated Chamber Thermal Profile
Dual Chamber Module
Dual Chamber Module Dimensions

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1910 MK5 - 4 Lane Dual Chamber SMT Reflow Oven

  • Bifurcated (Dual) chamber reflow oven allows 2 different thermal profiles to run simultaneously in the same reflow oven foot print
  • Improved temperature uniformity across the process width with shorter heater modules, +/-2ºC - improved on the single chamber option
  • Process flexibility, repeatability and stability improved
  • Allows servicing on one chamber while the other is in production
Dual Lane
Dual Lane Reflow Oven
Dual Lane Reflow System
EHC and CBS Combination
4 Lane Dual Chamber Reflow Oven
4 Lane Dual Chamber Reflow Oven
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